Math basics

Hello everyone,Here I’m going to compile all of the articles of my past written based upon basics of Math topics with their respective links, for brief​ explanation of the respective topics click over the link.

first of all we’ve started with BODMAS rule how and when to apply :-

later on we had discussed for solving the fractions with ease here is the following link to redirect towards the brief explanation:-
Solutions of fractions

To solve algebraic functions or fractions with easy method of taking LCM go for
Algebraic Functions

Go through the rules of exponents at exponent and their behaviour

Trigonometry identities and Bsics of Trignometry for this purpose
go for Trigonometry

Trigonometry and Inverse Trigonometry

For Number system here is the link of the tutorial :-
Number System

Here is the tutorial for Divisibility:-
Rules of Divisibility

so here in this page I’ve compiled my all tutorials written till today, find your one in which you are finding difficulties.
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