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SM Faizan Ali
Professionally he is a Math Teacher, For past 5+ years, he is on the way of spreading knowledge and making Math easier to understand via his Tutorials or tips and tricks for Math problems.

Faizan Ali,
have completed his Post graduation in Mathematics (M.Sc. Mathematics) in year 2014 with all good academic records. He was the college topper at his Graduation period (B.Sc. PCM).

He, with his strong communication ability and his deep knowledge with proper techniques to explain any topic, makes him most acceptable person for peoples.

He is consistently achieving milestones from his very beginning from studying to professionalism.

HE was awarded for scoring highest grades in graduation level by His city’s educational committee.

He was also been appointed as examiner at CBSE.He is continuously taking part in seminars and workshops organized for learners and enthusiast.

He is maintaining his social presence over almost every platform you can connect with him at,


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