How to study Mathematics as major

How to study Mathematics as major



Every year, thousands of students declare mathematics as their major. Many are extremely intelligent and hardworking.
Most of the math major tries hard to solvenew concepts and catch the real mean of the topic.
However, even the best will encounter challenges, because upper-level mathematics involves not only independent study and learning from lectures, but also a fundamental shift from calculation to proof.
This shift is demanding but it need not be mysterious — research has revealed many insights into the mathematical thinking required, and this book translates these into practical advice for a student audience.
This book sectioned into two parts such as:
Part 1- discusses the nature of upper-level mathematics, and explains how students can adapt and extend their existing skills in order to develop good understanding.
Part 2- covers study skills as these relate to mathematics, and suggests practical approaches to learning effectively while enjoying undergraduate life.
As the first mathematics-specific study guide, this friendly, practical text is essential reading for any mathematics major.
Students can benefit from just ‘picking it up’ for a short time – now and then – and reading just about any section. The sections are relatively short – sometimes just two or three pages, but are very informative. One could easily recommend [ How to Study as a Mathematics Major] to undergraduates.” —Mathematical Association of America.
About the Author
Lara Alcock is Senior Lecturer in the Mathematics Education Centre at Loughborough University, UK. An accomplished undergraduate and graduate mathematician at Warwick, her doctorate was in mathematics education before holding various academic posts including Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education and Mathematics at Rutgers University, New Jersey.
Her research focuses on the challenges students encounter as they make the transition from calculation-based to proof-based mathematics.
She was awarded the 2012 MAA Seldon Prize for Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education. She has been awarded National Teaching Fellows of 2015 by The Higher Education Academy.
•Oxford University Press
Personal Review
The book is having a great exposure over learning experience and gives an easy to understand explainations of topics belongs to higher level of math.
In higher studies most of the math major find it to be boring subject (even sometimes I was having same feeling) to reduce such kind of experiences Lara Alcock has given a very creative effort for making those topics more interesting by relate them to practical life.
Apart from all above reviews the best part of this book is that it is appreciated by Mathematical Association of America.
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