What are the major difference among Mean, Median and Mode ?

      In present era, When data is increasing each moment I amazed how this explode is managing with proper techniques in no time.
      Whatever results and interpretations we see about a huge data (be it about Internet users, website users, phone users, or people getting jobs, data about tourist, visitors etc) are arranged in a very tidy and aligned manner, instead this could have not been possible without DATA MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES in math language without STATISTICS this could have never been possible.


  •       Statistics is all about data arranging and managing in a an informative way.

      This field of Math is having its own significance in real world and which can be utilised by students of early classes for their practical knowledge because arranging data and finding results are made so easy with proper tools and tables.

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       So, I think you’ve got an idea about the topic of this post yes..!!! this is “STATISTICS”
by the study of this topic students can have clear their doubts they may have like:
   1.  How to arrange data ?
   2.  How huge data are managed with less efforts ?
   3.  what is Data science ?
   4.  How statistics is useful in understanding results from any
        survey ?
     Now, I’m going to start this topic from the very basics and also I can refer them as the foundation of statistics. These are the tools of statistics which are used to interpret the results, they are 
Mean, Mode, and Median.

mean definition

  • Major difference:

Mean gives average value of data rather median represent only mid values of data but instead of mean and median mode represents highest occurred observations of data.

• Mean of Data :

      Mean is also known as average.
      Mean is average value of particular data and this can be calculated from dividing “sum of all the observations” by “number of observations”.
Mean =    Sum of all the observations/
                       Number of all the observations
  ex: 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 1, 6, 4, 0, 4, 
mean = (2+3+4+7+8+1+6+4+0+4)/10
           =  39/10
           = 3.9

• Mode of Data :

     Mode of some data is the highest frequently occurred observation itself or mode is the observation which has highest frequency. there is no any formula for finding mode for ungrouped data.
  ex: 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 1, 6, 4, 0, 4, 9,
then mode is “4” because 4 is occurring highest.

• Median of Data :

     Median of some data is the middle most observation itself, after arranging data in ascending or descending order the one which is the middle most observation is our median.
    But here in this explanation somebody can have a doubt that 
    if the observations are odd in number like 5 observations are given then undoubtedly 3rd is the median but what if the observations are even like 6 observations ?
    in that case we’ll have to take average value of 3rd and 4th place’s observations.

now more briefly if N observations are given and 

  • if N is odd then median is   (N+1)/2
  • if N is even then Median is   
                                          [N/2 + (N/2 + 1)]/2

now its your turn if you want anything to add here that i’m missing, do let me know via comment.

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