Top 5 Euclid’s Postulates: video

Today I’m with Euclid’s Mathematics.

Top 5 Euclid’s Postulates

  • So, in this post I’ll be explaining Top Five Euclid’s Postulates which has great impact over topic lines and angles.

Euclid parallel postulate

    In spite of Algebra Geometry is also an another field of interest of Sir Euclid. He has given some of the Postulates which explains the theory of points, lines and angles themselves and these Postulates are accepted worldwide.

  • Five postulate

  1. From Two point only one straight line can be drawn.
  2. A line can be extended up to infinity from any side.
  3. Any circle can be drawn with centre O and radius (say) OA.
  4. All right angles are equal.
  5. If two lines intersected by a third line such that sum if so formed interior angles are less than two right angles (i.e. 180°) then those two lines are non parallel and if the sum of those interior angles are equal to two right angles (i.e.180°) then those two lines are parallel.

Among these 5 Postulates the fifth one is most popular as it is proven to be a handy tool to resolve most of the problem of geometry.
Though these Postulates seems to be very common and while reading, one of us can think  “what are the extra things in these Postulates these all are already known”.
So guys, Don’t underestimate these, we are mathematicians we need some references to prove any unproved things, hence Sir Euclid has given these Postulates so now he become reference for our further Solutions,

           One more thing I want to add that While giving these Postulates sir Euclid had also proved this by practical geometry by drawing a line , by drawing A Cartesian plane which is perfect example of equal right angles or by drawing Circle with centre O and radius OA. 
For 5th Postulate it can be proved easily by drawing a line which intersect another two lines which are parallel or non parallel conditionally, so have a look at below video explaining all the five Postulates

Thanks for reading Hope you’ve found these Euclid’s postulate in effective way for your learning. Feel free to share and If you have any doubt I would like to hear from you.
Keep learning…!

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