Short Trick to find Square

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The content which I’m going to share in this tutorial is a very demanding​ by readers and also proven to become a major tool for math enthusiast.

This post is also refers to one who struggles with finding huge squares calculations.
so, the topic starts here,

Short trick to find squares

tricks to finding squares may be varies with given number categorically.

  • Square of Number ends with 5:

Numbers which ends with 5 like 25, 35, 45, 65 etc the square of these numbers can be found easily without actual multiplication.

look at Solution below

25² = 625
1. Take 1st digit and multiply it by next highest digit.
say, 2 × 3 = 6

2. Square if ones digit i.e. 25 should place at the end of the answer.
say, 5² = 25
 hence the answer ​is 625.
See below image for better​ understanding.

square of
Let’s move for some larger numbers which are greater then 100
yes of course we have a trick…stay with me and look below.
= 12769 ( by multiplying method )
try this one :
= 113²
 113 + 13 = 126
and 13² = 169
   now we’re having two numbers 
126 and 169 now add these numbers in following manner:
+    169
=12769            voila…!!! answer is here 
  •  This seems to be lengthy method but trust me once if you get into this you will find this most convenient methods to find squares.
see another example:
126 + 26 = 152
26² = 676
= 152
+     676
=  15876
hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to share with your friends and with those who need this.And also let me know what type of tutorial do you want here.

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