Probability: picking out ball from bag

Probability can be explained through various examples, out of those in this thread I’m picking up one of those i.e.

Probability: picking out ball from bag


Probability and statistics
    In one of my post I’ve explained all of the possibilities of outcomes of tossing a coin, or Picking up a card from well shuffled deck of 52 cards.
Now here is the third one picking a ball out from a bag or bucket.
   • Let we have a bag in which we are having 3 red ball, 4 green ball and 5 yellow ball.

Let’s check it out different event,

  • Probability of ball from bag

     in total we are having 12 balls.
if we are to ask find the probability of 
1. Green ball
• sol.  favourable outcomes will be = 4, as we’re having 4 green balls.
     then Probability will be = 4 / 12 or 1/3
2. red ball 
              Probability will be =  3/12 or 1/4
3. Yellow ball 
             Probability will be =  5/ 12
  let’s have some more questions
4.  No green ball.
             here we have to think twice for favourable outcomes, no green ball means we can have yellow and red as well so outcomes will be
3 + 5 = 8
      Probability will be =  8/12 or 2/3.
5. Any ball 
    this is a sure event every event is our favourable outcome hence Probability will be =  12/12 or 1.
6. No ball 
     this is impossible event, no ball should picked out means favourable outcomes will be 0,  Probability will be = 0/12 or 0.
     Hence I hope you’ve​ got this topic. If you want to add here something then let me know via comment.

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