The shape which is an extremely common to our life and can be found each next thing similar to in our surroundings​, Yeah…!! i.e.


Circumference of a circle

  • Circle

from first standard of our learning, we’re continuously involved in exploring CIRCLES in many ways be it is about finding area or circumference or it is about radius, chords, tangents etc.
In this post I’m only emphasise over the definitions and some more basics of circles.
here we go…

  • Circles – 
A closed rounded figure is called as circle.
example: coin, bangles

  • Centre – 
An origin point through which the circle is being drawn.

  • Radius
a joining line from centre to circumference or we can say the size of circle is completely depends upon radius.

  • Diameter – 
Simply it is Double of radius​, touching circumference on it’s both ends.

  • Chords
A line which touches circumference on it’s both ends.

this divides the whole circle in two parts 
minor and major and those parts are known as minor segment and major segment respectively
largest chord in a circle is Diameter.

  • Secant
A line which intersects circles is known as secant.
any chord if extended from both ends to intersects the circle then it is known as secant.

  • Tangent
A line which is touching the circle externally is known as Tangent.

  • Sector
A closed portion from two radius and an arc is known as minor sector and rest part of circle is known major sector ( depends on area)
If you found I’m missing something, do add here which is related to circle do let me know. I would like to hear from you.

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