Coordinate System

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Here in this tutorial I’m going to take my previous tutorial at further stage regarding coordinate system, points and their locations, Distance between two points etc.
so let’s start…

Coordinate System/Geometry

Coordinate, Cartesian Graph

  • Distance between points:-

if two points say A (x,y) & B (x’, y’) located somewhere in space the distance between those points can be evaluate by following formula:-
AB = √{(x-x’)² + (y-y’)²}
or it can be 
          √{(x’-x)² + (y’-y)²}
for example 
if points are 
A (2,-2) and  B(3,6)
AB= √{(3-2)² + (6- (-2))²}
         √ { 1 + (6+2)²}
         √ { 1 + 8²}
         √ {1+ 64}
AB= √{65}.

  • Collinearity :-

This means if three points say A, B, C are given on a same line then this condition can be represented with respect to distance as:-
AB + BC = AC
means if A and C are extreme points of that line and B lies in between them the  distance of AB & BC is equal to Distance of AC, which can be evaluate from distance formula mentioned above.

  • Mid Point Formula :-

same as above if B point is lying exact middle of line then B point is considered​ to be mid point of line and to find the location or coordinates of that line can be evaluated from the formula given below:-
IF A (x,y) and C (x’, y’)  and B (X, Y)
then B can be found by 
X = (x+ x’)/2
Y = (y +y’)/2.

Now over to you, If you want to add some more here in this tutorial then please comment such. I would appreciate such efforts.

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