Basic Concept of Addition and Multiplication

As I usually try to explain some of the topics of mathematics in which I used to try to take some basic concepts too,

similarly today I aren’t taking any of the topic but at the same time in this tutorial I’m going to explain a very deep concept i.e.

Belongs to Addition and Multiplication which I encountered today while I was teaching in my class & I found to be shareable with you all.

Basic Concept : Addition and multiplication

Addition and multipliccation

let me tell you the whole story
A group of curious student has asked me..!!

Question:-  If it is
 2×2 =4 and 2+2=4
then likewise why not it is
3×3= 6 instead of 3×3=9.

I explained this problem in such manner which might also helpful for others…

yes..! this is true that if we multiply and add 2 with 2 then answer will remain same i.e. 4.
I also states that this is the only number in Mathematics which have this specific behaviour but for other numbers the situation becomes different.

for addition it is okay i.e.
2+2= 4       &      3+3 = 6

but when we tend to multiply any number
to itself it gives different values,
I explained this happens because when 3 is multiplied with 3 this means 3 is being added 3 times i.e.
3×3 = 3+3+3
which equals to 9.
similarly for any other example
 4×4 = 4+4+4+4 = 16.

so the conclusion accordingly is the concept of multiplying arises to comprise or saturate the long addition process for such big additions like
25+25+25+25+25………(25 time)= 25×25
625                                                 = 625.

Alternative Method of addition :-

or we can write
common out 3
3 (1+ 1+ 1)
3× 3

hence 3+3 = 6
but 3× 3 = 9

hence I explained my students, while reading this article I hope you also come across this concept and finds interesting.

so, here I’m ending this post now If you find some suggestions or any topic you want me to explain via my tutorials, then let me know by commenting under the comment section.
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