How to Solve ” Fractions ” with Ease?

“Solving fractions of various types”

If you are finding difficulties to solve fractions then go through this entire written summary.
some of those I’m going to explain it instead of these if you have any other then let me know. But as I think these following methods of solving fractions comprises all the concepts with ease for getting answers.

so here are they,

first of all go through the rules for solving fractions..(image added)

so by this image you can have most of your questions answered, for further Solutions based questions look at this—

math fractions, subtracting fractions

there is one more I’m going to share :

math fractions, subtracting fractions


here inĀ these solutions you can analyse that there is no need to find out individually LCM of denominator, fractions can be solved easily through above method i.e. to multiply the denominators to each other and multiply the denominator of first term to the numerator of second term and vice verse and by solvingĀ the further we’ll get the answer easily…

what if there is unknown variables ?

I guess for such fractions,

How to solve such fractions ?

Are equation of fractions with variables solutions be hard ?

bla bla …. so many questions might raise in your mind
but don’t panic here are the solutions for those equations to find out the unknown variables for convenience I have added image based solutions so check the following:-
math fractions, subtracting fractions


math fractions, subtracting fractions

so here are the solutions of fractions based upon the easiest methods.

Must read:


so now I think we are come towards the end of the topic FRACTIONS and we’ve learnt so many things together,
If you are still finding difficulties to resolve, than feel free to comment or email me.
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