Math: Good or Bad

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

  • Somebody has asked this Question which is generally Why are we bad at math?
Before starting this post I’m going to give you a question , give this a try-
Replace the “?” by the correct (Mathematics- Wikipedia ) symbol to make the expression true
18 ? 12 ? 4 ? 5 = 59.
Now here is the answer of the query asked in the beginning of the article,
Explained by the famous astronomer Neil DeGrasse Tyson
 Neil Degrasse Tyson- astronomer
OK, let us try to understand why this is Neil Degrasse Tyson came up with a conclusion that when we say ,”we are bad at math” or “I am not a math person” the only conclusion that comes to mind is that we are not equipped for logical thinking which is highly contradictory because the human brain is designed to think logically, why is this?
Because we are taught mathematics in such a way that we are forced to perceive it as alienish. The teachers themselves teach it in such a way that students really can’t understand it no matter how many times we try. The only way out of this is following these methods.
If you want to excel in maths you should follow these principles
  1. Determination : Be determined that you will understand everything that you want to know about maths no matter what.
  2. Rid yourself from negative thoughts: When we keep on telling ourselves that we can’t do it we just can’t we are feeding ourselves with negative energy and then we seriously can’t even solve simple algebra, instead develop a positive attitude and tell yourself “IT IS JUST MATH AND NOTHING ELSE”
  3. Passion: Develop a passion for it and you are bound to gain success.
  4. Understand which mode of instruction is better for you: Are you an autodidact? Do you learn best by reading? Do you learn best by watching, listening or are you a hands on learner.
  5. Use resources available to you— the Internet, books, videos such as khan academy you tube videos, JM patrick’s tutorials edx,coursera etc.
  6. Develop a positive mind set.
  7. Have fun.
  8. Take it slow.
  9. Work hard.
  10. Never quit.
I had the same problem math frightened me because my teachers were not able to understand it clearly when one day I was in a do or die situation and decided to taught myself mathematics and now I enjoy it. The thing I used to hate in my childhood became dear to me.
This method is proven effective for studying mathematics.(Courtesy of Professor Michael Star bird)
Try to understand the basic concept of a given topic and build upon it do a practice problem and if you made mistakes it is okay. It is a stage of learning. Try to understand why you made those mistakes then deeply understand the ideas correct them and form a solid ground for those concepts. After that apply them to real life situations. You can also create your own way of solving questions just for fun :).
Then steadily increase your difficulty. Build upon the concepts you previously learned and also do this if you think you faced yourself with a difficult question. Retreat to your basic ideas or do a question you can easily solve and deeply understand what you did there.
Finally take it easy. Go out enjoy and never lose sight of your goal.
If I tell you about myself ( SM Faizan Ali) ,I had developed some of the concepts to solve Math problems likewise  taking LCM of two or more fractions,
table formation using vedic maths tricks etc
I will show some of them later on my next articles, Surely..!

If anyone of you seeking some of the extra stuff here in my articles just let me know,
surely I’ll get back with those stuffs.

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